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    Post About The Clan Development Forum

    This forum is a place to bring us together and help facilitate growth of the clan. If you want to see more servers, or events, forum plugins, rules, or anything else related to changes, additions, or removals, you will want to post here.

    Although these next points are not required when making a new thread, if you have an idea or suggestion, it is good to try and include these in your thoughts:
    - Post what the idea is.
    - What is meant solve or enhance.
    - Problems it may cause.
    - How you think those problems can be solved.

    I always like to end my ideas with one line at the end... "Thoughts?"

    It lets people know your not being stubborn with your idea and that their involvement is wanted.


    We request you do not express hostility to ideas or replies. If you disagree with something:
    1. Say so.
    2. Give a reason why.
    3. Give an alternative.

    For example:
    Steven: I think we should add a porn section because I want to see more artwork.
    Max: I disagree. I think it would be impossible to prove an image, is of a consenting adult and could get us shut down. Instead, we should just continue to use the Graphics and Arts section, and post other things for expression of artwork.

    Two word posts like "That's stupid" or "Fuck you" will be met with equal warmth by moderators. Please be detailed and thoughtful.
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