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    Quote Originally Posted by bendylegs12 View Post
    Ok so I consulted another friend and he recommended me this build:

    Does it look fine? Paging @Goshawk and @MEGAtheguy. Also, I researched on how to make a PC and it seems pretty easy to build
    I'd wait for new cards to come out. Also, I'd spend a bit more money and get a GTX 1070, not a GTX 970. Think it's only another $40 or so, you'd have to check. Or wait until the AMD cards hit end of this month.

    If playing some games or productivity applications... you may find 8GB of RAM to be not enough. Cheap upgrade later if that ends up being the case though.

    Oh, and while 500W is probably fine for that system... I'd still go higher for more clearance. Ie, 600W or 700W. As I'm not sure the new AMD cards will run on a mere 500W PSU.

    Edit: From what I'm seeing... New AMD Polaris cards aren't going to be power behemoths.
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