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    Welcome to the GTA 5 Forums - Get info about the Rules and making a Crew here.

    Grand Theft Auto V
    World Dominance

    GTA V is arguably the most fun blow-off-some-steam outlets available in gaming. World Dominance wants to encourage this mind blowing fun, so we created these forums. These forums are for general chat about GTA.

    wD supports it's members by proving infrastructure to wD members that run a crew. These are known as wD sanctioned crews. Perks for members running a crew are:
    1. Crew TS3 channel under the GTA V channel.
    2. Crew Forums as a sub forum to the GTA V forums.
    3. more to come...

    Requirements to qualify for wD sanctioned crews.
    1. Crew creator must be a member of wD. Apply here: Clan Application
    2. You must have 3 or more wD Clan members in your crew.
    3. Use the "Looking for" Forums here.

    You can apply for your crew to be sanctioned here.

    As a clan its important that we stick together when attacked by others. The most important thing is that we stand together when others push one of our own crews. The following rules reflect that

    General Rules:
    1. Follow the clan wide rules located here: Clan Wide Rules
    2. Crew specific chat is not allowed in the general GTA V forums(use your crews subforum)
    3. If you are in a crew sanctioned by wD you must follow these rules.
    4. All crews are encourage to work together.
    5. You can battle and skirmish other wD crews.
    6. If any non wD crew picks a fight with another wD crew you MUST drop all skirmishes, then stop at nothing to lay waste to the outside crew.
    7. See rule 6.
    8. Not following rule 6 means the crew will be abolished from the wD forums and Teamspeak 3.
    9. Report rule 6 rule breakers here: Rule Breakers

    More will be added to this 4/30/2015! Come back and read it then.
    -4/23 - Added method for becoming sanctioned
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