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The quest to be a legend.

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Hello all, before I start off with the point of this blog, I wanted to give a few reasons as to why I am making this a blog as opposed to a normal thread. Reason one, I wanted to update this frequently, but this topic may take a while to accomplish, so I did not want to keep bumping up an old thread or making a new one every time I hit a milestone. And reason two, we don't use this part of the forums enough anyways. I figured we might as well use it since we got it.

That being said, time to get into the point of this blog.

As most of you all know, I play a lot of Hearthstone. And I mean a loooooot of Hearthstone. While you all play your big, fun, and elaborate games for hours on end, I play a child's card game, to quote a few Hearthstone streamers, for hours on end. I have been collecting cards, crafting decks, and refining my skills at this game since August of last year, though I have played the game since it was first released many years ago.

So what is the point of all that backstory? Because I love giving backstories, deal with it m8. In all seriousness though, I am making this blog in order to track a milestone that I have wanted to reach for the past few months, and that is to reach the legend rank on the Hearthstone rank system.

As some of you all know, there are 25 ranks that you can achieve in the system and past the 25 ranks is the legend rank. I usually only get to rank 14 before I stop playing ranked matches for the season. I do that because you get a large reward at the end of the season and get to start at rank 20 at the beginning of the next season. I know that I could probably make it past rank 14, but I always either stopped their or ran out of time in the season.

So that is that. Now it is a test to see if I can inevitably reach legend rank in one of the upcoming Hearthstone seasons. Though it will not be this season because I am only rank 18 and the season ends in like 4 days.

For those of you who care about the game and are curious to see what decks I am running, below is a screenshot of my nine ranked decks. I did not create any of these decks, though I have made modifications for cards that I did not like or cards that I did not have.


Secret Paladin

Midrange Paladin

Patron Warrior

Aggro/Face Shaman

Reno Jackson Handlock, better known as Renolock

Control Priest

Midrange Druid

Malygos Handlock, better known as Malylock

And finally, Midrange Hunter

Updated 01-29-2016 at 01:25 AM by Fluffypuffsr

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  1. Goshawk's Avatar
    Great use of our blogging system

    Looking forward to seeing your progress in Legend!
  2. Fluffypuffsr's Avatar
    So midrange Paladin and Control Priest have kind of fallen out of the meta recently, so I decided to take some time to craft two decks for my favorite class, one that I don't get to play enough of. Welcome to the world of freeze mage and tempo mage.

    Freeze mage

    Tempo mage

    Zoolock has also come back into the meta, so I decided to run that instead of midrange hunter (which has fallen out of the meta in the past few weeks). This deck is similar to other people's, but I like to put a little twist on it in order to get some more value, to quote the grandmaster.


    Just a recap for those keeping score at home
    Updated 02-07-2016 at 02:41 PM by Fluffypuffsr
  3. Goshawk's Avatar
    I've been using a pretty similar tempo mage deck lately to some success. Oddly, it tends to do better once you get down around 16-17... less so at 20.
  4. Fluffypuffsr's Avatar
    I haven't had too much success with tempo mage yet, but I think that is because I am rusty with both mage and the deck. Freeze mage is just too op to lose, however. Oddly enough, midrange druid is supposed to be the number one deck in the meta right now, and I still find my self winning more with secret paladin than druid.

    If I had to pick which of these decks were my favorite, I would definitely go with Renolock. I think it is probably the easiest deck to craft out of all of these. All you have to do is craft a bunch of commons, a few rares, and the notorious Dr. 7, assuming everyone has the two epics that the deck runs, which I assume most people have a molten giant and a big game hunter. Other than that, the majority of the cards in the deck are comprised of cards from the solo adventures. So while they are kind of expensive to get, $65 for all wings of the three adventures, they are much easier to get than a lot of the others.

    I may break down the dust cost for these decks in the future, since that is what most of the streamers do anyways. Sounds like something for a different day, however.