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the next year of my life.

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So recently ive been looking into further education.. just finished my college course and going to look into getting into UNI... but i had a thaught braught to me by Beast...

why dont i look at universities over in the U.S?.... well i was looking to find one... and i did.. University of Northwest Ohio..

sent them a nice email saying " hello, how much is all the college fees?" and saying im english, done a course and blady blah blah.

got a reply a few hours ago, woman called Deb emailed me back with the costs...

anyone like lists? no? well look away now ;
Automotive Technology Associate Degree (total program at this date)

Tuition: $20,650
Housing: $6300
Books (approximately): $1960
General Fee: $1260
Shirts (4) $115
Multimeter: $ 288
TOTAL $30 573

now beaing in MIND! i also have to pay for a plane ticket.. and other travel costs.. and i cant get a loan that will cover that, soo ill be paying rougly $32 000(pure approximisation right there.)

in GBP thats about 19 000.. i could with that money, get a car, BUY a flat to live in and be able to pay bills FOR A YEAR, and get drunk.

(the last one being the preferred option)

so yeah.. thats just gone out the window and now is running down the street with my tv.

TL:DR - fuck going to america to do something i can do over here for 9000

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  1. Goshawk's Avatar
    Can guarantee you'll find a suitable multimeter for educational purposes (ie fuck surgical accuracy) for less than $288 USD.

    Also, you're in England. Go to Oxford =P

    Also keep in mind that International student fees EVERYWHERE are pure fleecing bitches. Although if they provide a student VISA.. I suppose 30k isn't all that horrible.

    Beast has a British Airways voucher if that helps =P
  2. Fluffypuffsr's Avatar
    Welcome to America. "Land of the free, home of the brave, and center of ridiculously steep college tuition prices with dumb ways of paying for them." They usually tend to keep that last part out though. I know for me personally my school costs about $50,000 USD per year tuition and fees, though I was quite fortunate to receive a lot of scholarships and aid that I will not have to pay back, around $35,000-$38,000 USD. I will still have a hefty amount of student loans to face when I graduate, but I am hoping that my education, mixed with the school I am going to, and the alumni relation network that we have that I will be able to land an okay job. However, the cost for attending school in America is terrifying for an American citizen. I could not even imagine being in your shoes coming over here. Heck, most of us try to travel abroad once we start college here anyways.
  3. Epsilon's Avatar
    College is a business. One that loves to monopolize on students' interest and money.