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Chips Or Crisps?

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GUYS AND GALS! discussion time.

me and MEGA theguy have been discussing.. very violenly and constantly..

where im from (englad) they are called crisps....

in `MURICA its chips...

can we vote for this?
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  1. lolensaken's Avatar
    Well. where im from (Sweden) they teach us that they are called crisps, but in my country it is called chips... so naturally I say chips but if i talk as if my school were on my back I would say crisps
  2. Fluffypuffsr's Avatar
    I normally don't call them anything. I grab them from the store and just shove them in my face hole. Maybe I could call them face hole fillers? Nah, that might be a little inappropriate.
  3. Goshawk's Avatar
    In Canada, we tend to call them potato chips.

    Rarely called crisps.
  4. MentalgiraffE66's Avatar
    so i might aswell give in to mega xD and call em chips :l but oh well
  5. Blook's Avatar
    We call them whatever. Doritos. Potato Chips. Lays. Meh.
  6. Zayzay26's Avatar
    I call them chips... I'm eating them right now XD