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Rude Admins at Minecraft Forums

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I just had the most bizzar conversation with an admin over at the minecraft forums. His name is Lord_Ralex and he infracted me for and restricted my account from posting because he thought I "have a second account". He then goes on to explain IPs and all this other stuff. I told I live in probably one of the top 5 most populated cities in the world; working in a 63 story building.

Anyway, he kept insisting and evne though he aprently 'knew' I had this second account he wouldnt give me the kids email that he said was mine... WTF. I wanted to call him to talk as a customer of Mojang to a representative in a professional relationship. Well NO freaking place is there a phone number for the 'offical' Minecraft forum. So I looked up his publicly available twitter name that he offered up, finally found his business contact information on an old registration. I called him, no answer. So I left a message and my cell phone number so he can call me back

Next thing I know I get this rant about how I cant refer to him by his name and all this crap. Fuck you buddy... were you thinking you are going to hide safely behind the glow of a monitor? That you dont have to answer for your actions? Grow up... your an employee(whether paid or not) of Mojang through the 'official' minecraft forums.

Feel free to read the whole interaction:

What ever he believe, he believes... nothing I can do about that. But what an admin believes in is not an excuse to act out so rudely.

I emailed the support team at the miencraft forums, Notch, and Marc Watson(director of support for Mojang). Hopefully some action comes from this. They really need to train their staff how to behave. It is disgusting and disturbing that people would forget their place in business and act like this just because he is behind a computer. I'm a customer buddy... get used to it cause its not the last time you have to deal with customers in business. Respect your buyers.
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  1. Undo's Avatar
    I actually find this to be pretty hilarious. "The email used by that account is literally you" ...yet he won't show you the email address. Honestly, I don't understand what he even means by that. There should be a limit - 1 account per email address. I honestly think he's an idiot. I'm heading back to school in New York in a week... I also know many people at my school (in my own building) who post questionable material on that forum. Hopefully I don't receive the same treatment.
  2. Saloth's Avatar
    Much troll, I never go on that forum anymore, the admins/moderators can be such idiots as shown in this
  3. Goshawk's Avatar
    I put the word prick in a post (in ref. to Garry Newman) and got infracted / restricted.

    My reply to the ticket caused account closure of a burn account. Ohs noes. Don't ban 8324897*

    Whatsoever shall I do without it!