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Some Good Trolling

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They say the best troll is when no one knows they are being trolled. AT&T was ticking me off about not letting me switch plans to a pay as you go plan on my current phone. So I gave them a hard time. Anyway, it was a success.

Thank you for your patience! Your AT&T Representative will be with you shortly.
Welcome! You are now chatting with 'Catlyn'
MachetePanda: Catlyn?
Catlyn: Hey MachetePanda! Good afternoon! Lets take a look at your account and see what options we have available for you today
MachetePanda: thanks
Catlyn: So to do that MachetePanda you would need to cancel with us and then get a go phone.
MachetePanda: I have a phone with you already
Catlyn: 800-901-9878
Catlyn: would be the number you would call to get your self started with the go phone. We do not deal with that here in this department
Catlyn: But if you would like I can cancel your account.
MachetePanda: Why would I do that?
Catlyn: You want to pay as you go?
Catlyn: We do not have an unlimited plan for $60.00
Catlyn: We have a plan that could provide you with unlimited talk and text and a certain amount of data
MachetePanda: This is the ATT service I am talking about.
MachetePanda: Its called $60 unlimtined pay as you go
MachetePanda: or something
MachetePanda: I have the ATT site open on it
MachetePanda: Its by your guys
MachetePanda: Wait... this is ATT I'm talkign to right now?
Catlyn: Right but its prepaid
Catlyn: Yes this is AT&T
Catlyn: We do not deal with prepaid accounts though here
MachetePanda: but you cant set me up on your plan?
MachetePanda: here?
Catlyn: No
MachetePanda: at ATT?
Catlyn: We do but not this department
MachetePanda: oh! sorry
Catlyn: Thats fine!
MachetePanda: This chat window just says I'm talkign to ATT. I didnt know they are different department
MachetePanda: so confusing
MachetePanda: tell the web team to get their act in gear!
Catlyn: I apologize for that!
Catlyn: Iv been trying for a while now!
MachetePanda: hehe... alright, well it all sounds more confusing than I thought
MachetePanda: so I am just going to go into the store and ask
Catlyn: Ok, sorry about the confusion! they can better assist you in a store though!
MachetePanda: thanks Catlyn
Catlyn: You are welcome MachetePanda!
Catlyn: Good luck with the switch!
MachetePanda: thanks
Catlyn: Have a fantastic Friday!
MachetePanda: u2
Catlyn: Your welcome!
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  1. bendylegs12's Avatar
    Machete, you a busta
  2. Russianflood's Avatar
    That's why you always go with Sprint.