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So Much Waste Money By Americas Governemnt...

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Insane amounts of American taxpayer money wasted. I was looking back at the "stimulus packages" we had a few years ago and had they been properly allocated to the American people... they probably could have stopped the financial crash all together. Here is a rant I wrote back then talking about all the different ways the money could have been applied.

"More stupidity today as Obama proposes a $275 billion dollar stimulus. Funny but I thought the $700 billion last fall was to help bail out the banks so they didn’t have to foreclose on these people... and greed bows at the feet of the ignorant demarcates. Boy, for a party that claims to be for the people they sure do like to help the corporate entities.

Lets start with the already known cost of 1.714 Trillion… You’ll need a calculator for this one. February 2008 the demarcates passed a $152 billion stimulus package for Bush to sign. In September 2008 they passed a $700 billion Emergency Stabilization package for Bush to sign. This month(January 2009) they passed the $787 Billion for the Stimulus package for Obama to sign and just today it was proposed $275 billion package to help fight foreclosure. Of the packages the one with the least $$ is the one that seems to help the American people the most. This brings a grand total(including the 275) to $1.9 Trillion… GOD HELP ME!

So let’s break it down between all these “packages”. Lets say all these problems are from people not making their rent alone... At the end of 2008 there were 2.3 million(Associated Press) home owners that faced foreclosure. If we were to give that $1.9 trillion to just them, it would be $826,000 per home. Lets include all properties last year which is 2.8 million, that’s $678,000 per property.

Now let’s say it’s people that lost their job or are in the poverty level and cant afford their homes… There are 2.6 million(according to Air America Media) unemployed workers; that’s $730,000 per unemployed person. What about people living in poverty? 17% US poverty that’s approximately $37,200 per men, women and children. Wow that could have help a lot of people out.

Wow… so what about you and me, the those of us making more then $15k a year? Here is what everyone and anyone reading this article could have gotten this year(including the below $15k a year) if they just gave the money to us and NOT corporate and government America…

…$6,333 dollars for you, me, kids and babies; the rich, the poor and in-between. Feel sick yet?

$75 billion reported by New York Times -
$275 billion reported by the ABC News -

All that money... Jesus... I could have used some. Instead it was gobbled up by government programs that claim they are "helping the people" as the government union employees make twice as much as the average American. So much anger.
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