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I hear a LOT of LoL members complain about Latin and South Americans going full retard in League. Just thoguht it was relivent to note I provided some servers for a Argentinian company who are 6 months past due. I had to threaten to send them to collections and they finally started trying to send payment.

Over this last week their accounting department has tried to wire me the money 3 fucking times. Let me repeat that... their ACCOUNTING DEPARTMENT... the people that should know how to handle their money. Problems ranged from "We thought we sent it." to them not filling out the wire transfer info correctly and it getting bounced back to their account. Fucking idiots.

With my overall experiences with the people from that region in general, there is a massive cultural disconnect between how North Americans treat obligations and situations; vers how South Americans treat obligations and situations. Will never do business with them again.

Updated 06-14-2013 at 10:53 AM by MachetePanda

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