• Heroes of the Storm: Division Creation / Green Level Promotions!

    Heroes of the Storm wD. Job [DM]
    Heroes of the Storm wD. Deagle [DS]

    Join us in a big congratulations to Job and Deagle!

    We are excited to announce that Heroes of the Storm has been created as a wD Gaming Division! We are especially excited to announce that we have new leadership for the division. Both Job and Deagle have been hanging around wD Gaming and assisting with various administrative and recruitment strategies for a few months now. Huge thanks also go to @ctrl and @jspo for introducing them to wD Gaming as part of our competitive CS:GO team.

    These are significant promotions for wD Gaming and our whole clan is very excited to see where Heroes of the Storm Division goes. Both Deagle and Job have our full support. Please congratulate them both next time you see them.

    What The Hell Is A DM?
    A Division Manager is a role in the clan assigned to members that will be managing the interest of their division. They must be able to take care of their respective servers, their forums, and teamspeak channels. They are capable individuals that are involved in the operation and interest of their division. The DM's and DS's work together to set a direction for their division.

    What The Hell Is A DS?
    A Division Specialist is a role in the clan comprised of coders and techies that know their way around the technology in their division. They are the crafters of how the division members will experience the gaming experience in World Dominance. Learn More about the roles as they are being developed in Clan Development.
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