• A wD Gaming [Beta] Release - Minecraft Revamped & Reimagined

    Hello there World Dominance Gaming,

    I'm pretty excited to announce a release that many of our leadership / members / external developers have been hard at work on for a bit now.

    Some of you may remember a cold day in December 2012 when I was invited to wD Gaming by two long-gone members named Sasquatch & Darkness. I brought a Minecraft server with me. Since then, wD Gaming has had many good/bad times with our Minecraft server(s). And more than our fair share of false starts and unfulfilled promises.

    Today, I'm really confident in our ability to release a solid product that will only improve massively over time.

    Currently online servers accessible via join hostname: no port/pass req.


    1) Portal Realm (initial join point)
    2) PVP / Factions (Battlelevels is enabled / custom config'd)
    3) More servers coming online in the next few weeks. Will be holding votes on what our second server should be config'd with

    So what makes our servers different? Worth joining? Our servers are focusing on the following order of priority:

    - Stability
    - Functionality
    - Custom Content Updated Weekly
    - Massive amounts of free content and strictly avoided "Pay 2 Win" situations. Anything in our 'VIP Shop' is obtainable via in-game progress / accumulated time / Achievements (New Achievements being added frequently). Giveaways / events happening weekly as well.

    Other focuses that are being implemented shortly are going to be pretty awesome. Being worked on at current:

    - Community wide VIP system. Ie, if you have VIP points on Minecraft from playing alot / killstreaks / being awesome, you will be able to spend them on our Garry's Mod servers / Private TS3 Channels / etc. Tis a work in progress, but part of a larger strategy of providing more awesome custom content for our members / guests.

    - Any League of Legends / Garry's Mod players out there? We are working on getting weekly draws together with RP/Steam Key giveaways. You'll be able to buy tickets for the draws with passively accumulated game-time on our Minecraft / Gmod Servers / attending our LoL in-houses, or with points obtained via our wD Gaming Credit/Donation System.


    As always, we're looking for constructive criticism / your thoughts and ideas! This is certainly a work in progress, and leadership is really looking forward to community input.

    Keep it awesome wD.

    Suggestions/complaints/etc thread is under Minecraft Forum and can be viewed here:
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      Sounds awesome goshawk hope to try it out soon.
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