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    Congratulations to our new Recruitment Officer, MentalGiraffe! He will be taking over the recruitment for Counter-Strike GO Casual Division, so expect some fun things coming!

    What is a Recruitment Officer you may ask?

    An RO is in charge of recruitment for the division/server. The RO will accept clan applications for their division and interact with each new recruit, while maintaining a health supply of new and quality recruits! The RO will be working closely with the DS of it's division to ensure quality of recruits and to bring in new recruitment ideas.
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      ChupyCabra -
      Congratulations bro!
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      ZeNTTRiiX -
      Yo guys today is the 22 of June and I think my computer finally died, you guys might not hear from me for quite some time but dont worry i WILL come back, Im going to be working super hard to build my dream pc and it will probably take me about a month and a half, wish me luck! (Ill need it)
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