• Do You Have wD Credits?

    If you have donated to wD; you have wD Credits. You can check how many credits are in your profile by going to My Profile > Credit then try transferring credits to something you enjoy. A popup will ask if you are sure and tell you, your total.

    What Are wD Credits?

    wD Credits are our way of gifting you something for helping support wD. With out donations this clan is shut down! So we need generous people like yourself.

    Our little thank you gift of credits can be used to get stuff on the servers. You transfer your credits to a server you want stuff on. After donating you go to My Profile > Credit to transfer them.

    Team Speak 3: You make the rules! Get your own Private Channel!
    GMod TTT: Get VIP and unlock access to fun traitor weapons, detective tools, and other things available only to VIP in the TTT Pointshop!
    GMod Death Run #1: VIP unlocks kewl skins, hats and
    more in the DR Pointshop.

    Because these servers are a Monthly cost, so too are your Credits! You can donate one time, or on a monthly basis! Get super cool Donator rank banners. Subscribers can get banners like:

    One time donors get banners like:

    Wear your banners with pride! Havent donated? Give it a try by donating today! Click Here!

    And if you cant donate, get in the servers and enjoy!! Activity is just as important. Thank you all.
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