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  1. don't spam positive ._.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fly View Post
    Hi, I'm sorry I couldn't respond quicker, but I want to apologize and explain myself as I did in steam chat later that night. This being the truth sometimes I like to talk one word at a time and then type another message, but I wasn't purposely spamming him to make him angry or annoyed. Also, when I said bad dev I wasn't talking for real, when I get annoyed and tired sometimes I do say things but I don"t mean them. Positive is a better dev than I could ever be and I did not mean to disrespect
  2. PC Vs Consoles

    Just gonna make this clear.... PC FTW

    But that doesn't mean console sucks. For one, I must point one, steam sells games DIRT CHEAP, while console is completely overpriced. But yet, consoles are much smaller and have controller support for all games, while PC is mostly mouse and keyboard. The market and demand for PC gaming has been on the rise though, due to the cheap gaming and the better graphics. The issue with PC though, is that everyone has some sort of advantage on some level, ...
  3. Now I have the Most Recent Blog Post

    I more recent than Eg_ and his Hax
  4. eG lied.

  5. I have the most recent blog post.

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