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  1. LoL - "Español?"

    When ever I see someone on the enemy team say "Español?" into chat... I know we are going to win... and so far... I've been right 100% of the time. why are these players so bad at the game? Does the ability to speak more than one language relate to intelligence which translate to performance in the game? Why doe people that ask if you can "Español?" play so badly that I know we win if we are up against them?

    Just venting...
  2. My First Blog

    Blah Blah Blah... My blog is sexy! Me Love You Long Time!
  3. Time...

    As time grew greater, I felt the need to implement another blog into my various display of previous attempts. This blog will be focused on... time itself. Time, Dr. Freeman, is it really that time again?

    Half Life 3 Confirmed.
  4. Android Forum Application

    [QUOTE=SerbianBambi;3627]So I made a basic and very crappy wD Forum app which is basically a link to the site but a bit prettier. It makes things a bit easier. Also, may this app encourage actual coders to make a good wD forum app.
    To install it you have to check "Unknown sources" on in the Security tab in your settings.
    [URL=""] ...
  5. Sick blog

    So heres what happened:

    I had gotten an offer for a free server from spiderman/ dead face gaming, only catch would be that I would advertise for their main server. No big deal, right? Well Sleek Servers, their server provider who gave them free servers, weren't aware that they were allowing someone to use this server without paying them. The server was taken down, and I wasn't aware that this server was not available for me to use. I wait 6 days for the server to be put back up, everyday ...
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