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  1. The quest to be a legend.

    Hello all, before I start off with the point of this blog, I wanted to give a few reasons as to why I am making this a blog as opposed to a normal thread. Reason one, I wanted to update this frequently, but this topic may take a while to accomplish, so I did not want to keep bumping up an old thread or making a new one every time I hit a milestone. And reason two, we don't use this part of the forums enough anyways. I figured we might as well use it since we got it.

    That being said, ...

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  2. Hey I was gone for awhile..

    HEY GUYS!! Yeah it's me Tenzo! I am back and i'm fully ready to be apart of the community again. A ton of shit has happened since i've left. A lot of personal crap and other things. All i know is that I missed everyone and that you will see me on a lot more often ! Anywho i'm back!

    -Jade Cristina
  3. Summer Plans

    clicked on the "blogs" tab and seen its fairly dead so i wanted to make this to ask you guys whats your summer plans?

    my plans are to get my driver license and get a job other than that pretty much live it up on the wd severs
  4. the next year of my life.

    So recently ive been looking into further education.. just finished my college course and going to look into getting into UNI... but i had a thaught braught to me by Beast...

    why dont i look at universities over in the U.S?.... well i was looking to find one... and i did.. University of Northwest Ohio..

    sent them a nice email saying " hello, how much is all the college fees?" and saying im english, done a course and blady blah blah.

    got a reply ...

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  5. Chips Or Crisps?

    GUYS AND GALS! discussion time.

    me and MEGA theguy have been discussing.. very violenly and constantly..

    where im from (englad) they are called crisps....

    in `MURICA its chips...

    can we vote for this?
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