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  1. the next year of my life.

    So recently ive been looking into further education.. just finished my college course and going to look into getting into UNI... but i had a thaught braught to me by Beast...

    why dont i look at universities over in the U.S?.... well i was looking to find one... and i did.. University of Northwest Ohio..

    sent them a nice email saying " hello, how much is all the college fees?" and saying im english, done a course and blady blah blah.

    got a reply ...

    Updated 04-25-2014 at 08:58 PM by MentalgiraffE66

  2. Chips Or Crisps?

    GUYS AND GALS! discussion time.

    me and MEGA theguy have been discussing.. very violenly and constantly..

    where im from (englad) they are called crisps....

    in `MURICA its chips...

    can we vote for this?
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