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  1. Rude Admins at Minecraft Forums

    I just had the most bizzar conversation with an admin over at the minecraft forums. His name is Lord_Ralex and he infracted me for and restricted my account from posting because he thought I "have a second account". He then goes on to explain IPs and all this other stuff. I told I live in probably one of the top 5 most populated cities in the world; working in a 63 story building.

    Anyway, he kept insisting and evne though he aprently 'knew' I had this second account he wouldnt ...
  2. Some Good Trolling

    They say the best troll is when no one knows they are being trolled. AT&T was ticking me off about not letting me switch plans to a pay as you go plan on my current phone. So I gave them a hard time. Anyway, it was a success.

    Thank you for your patience! Your AT&T Representative will be with you shortly.
    Welcome! You are now chatting with 'Catlyn'
    MachetePanda: Catlyn?
    Catlyn: Hey MachetePanda! Good afternoon! Lets take a look at your account and see what options
  3. So Much Waste Money By Americas Governemnt...

    Insane amounts of American taxpayer money wasted. I was looking back at the "stimulus packages" we had a few years ago and had they been properly allocated to the American people... they probably could have stopped the financial crash all together. Here is a rant I wrote back then talking about all the different ways the money could have been applied.

    "More stupidity today as Obama proposes a $275 billion dollar stimulus. Funny but I thought the $700 billion last fall ...
  4. South America

    I hear a LOT of LoL members complain about Latin and South Americans going full retard in League. Just thoguht it was relivent to note I provided some servers for a Argentinian company who are 6 months past due. I had to threaten to send them to collections and they finally started trying to send payment.

    Over this last week their accounting department has tried to wire me the money 3 fucking times. Let me repeat that... their ACCOUNTING DEPARTMENT... the people that should know how ...

    Updated 06-14-2013 at 10:53 AM by MachetePanda

  5. The Story of Machete Panda

    I figured I should document this story here for my in-game character as I almost lost it on a website that went down. Thank god for the way back machine.

    Hello. I am known to many as Machete Panda. Orphaned in the town of Chentangzhe, China I was brought up buy the monks of Longdui. I was taught in the ways of washu or also known as 武術.

    The monks say my parents were killed by a dark evil brought down by ...
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